Custom Crankbaits from Kirby Creek Customs

We are very happy to announce that we now have in stock the Kirby Vixen! The Vixen is a top water walking style lure that creates the perfect amount of disturbance, noise and life-like action that triggers big bass to strike… and strike hard! Combine with our new life-like colors there’s no doubt that the Vixen will put more fish in your livewells! Betta getcha one… or two!

Match the Hatch with our Custom Crankbaits

Welcome to Kirby Creek Custom Fishing Lures. What began as a simple hobby has become a passion for us at Kirby Creek Customs. It has become a pleasure to create custom crankbaits that are being used by anglers around the world to catch trophy size fish. Each lure is created by using modern techniques to ensure both quality and durability over the life of the lure. We take great pride in our work as it’s a direct reflection of our hard work and dedication.

Tournament Tested Custom Crankbaits

We offer custom custom crankbaits targeted towards the tournament angler and the weekend warrior. Focusing on realism and matching the hatch, our lures comes in custom patterns that can’t be match anywhere else. Kirby Creek Customs offers the same award winning lures like the Lucky Craft 1.5 and the Rapala DT Series, only in custom crafted colors designed to catch you more fish!

Lure Testimonials

“Absolutely blown away when I received these today! Words can’t describe how awesome and realistic these look. Definitely matching the hatch! Great to deal with! Will be doing buisness In the future!”
Blake, Hamilton Ohio

“These are better than advertised. You’re the best!”
Josh Buck, Wilmington North Carolina

“I still can’t believe how realistic the paint job is. Amazing quality!”
Michael Groover, Norfolk Virginia

“Love my shad….affectionately known as “lil john” as a tribute to its creator John. It is my go to bait and it delivers every time. A big thank you!!!!”
Tracy Schmidt, Tampa, Fl

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