john kelletMy name is John Kellett, and I am the founder of Kirby Creek Customs.  I grew up loving the outdoors, fishing on Lake Norman in Huntersville, NC.  After relocating to Murfreesboro, NC, I began fishing bass tournaments, particularly in the Albemarle Sound River Systems, and Gaston and Kerr Lakes.

For years, before the birth of Kirby Creek Customs, I would bridge my knowledge of the sport, and my unique craftsmanship to customize my own lures that I would use in tournaments.  I then found myself gaining expertise and had a exclusive advantage over my competitors, with a different, realistic looking lure.

After graduating from Chowan University with a degree in Business Administration, I wanted to link my educational background with my passion for competitive bass fishing.  Thus began the start of Kirby Creek Customs, a small business that provides customized, handcrafted fishing baits to anglers in a variety of patterns, types, and styles.

Aside from my passion for fishing, I am happily married with two young daughters, and a son on the way.  I enjoy spending my time with family, hunting, and working out.